WLC Monitoring

A wireless LAN controller (WLC) is a network component that manages wireless network access points and allows wireless devices to connect to the network. It offers central control over network elements, increases network visibility, and greatly simplifies individual component monitoring. WLCs (Cisco WLC) are commonly used to gain control over your routers, switches, firewalls, gateways and other devices. Monitoring Cisco WLC helps you determine the performance and efficiency of every device and its associated peripherals discovered in OpManager.

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Wireless LAN Controller Monitoring in OpManager

OpManager's multi-vendor WLC monitoring module allows you to keep your network intact by providing in-depth visibility of your wireless LAN controller (WLC), its associated service set identifiers (SSIDs) and access points (APs). Cisco's WLC monitoring tool in OpManager allows direct discovery of Cisco WLC and their associated SSIDs, APs and helps you monitor the overall performance of your wireless network with the help of Cisco WLC monitor.

The WLC snapshot page provides inventory information, the device availability status, and other similar information. In addition, knowing the top five access points based on usage tells you who the top talkers are in your WLC environment, and custom dials display information on various parameters, including CPU and memory usage.


Advanced monitoring of Cisco WLC access points

Adding more APs is an easy way to increase the reach of your company's wireless network. A WLC monitoring tool can simplify the tracking of all the access points in your network. OpManager automatically identifies the APs associated to the discovered WLC upon configuration and lists them under the dedicated Access Points tab.

You can also enable advanced monitoring of your access points by discovering them in OpManager. The discovered access points will be monitored for availability and performance, just like any other device in OpManager, and the user will have complete control over it.

Monitor WLC - ManageEngine OpManager 

Monitor WLC SSIDs, rouge SSIDs, and clients

An unmonitored network is a major threat to a company. It allows hackers and unauthorized users with malicious intent to gain access to the network more easily. The Cisco WLC monitor tool in OpManager categorizes all the SSIDs and rogue SSIDs (hot spots and adhoc) in your network, and lists them under the dedicated SSID and Rouge SSIDs tabs respectively. If necessary, these rouge SSIDs can be discovered in OpManager and monitored individually.

Cisco WLC Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine OpManager 

To leverage your network bandwidth effectively, you can view the number of employee devices connected to your network in the Clients tab. This helps in analyzing network usage and in capacity planning. You can also keep an eye on the real-time client count and network traffic using Discover Clients.

Cisco WLC Monitor Clients - ManageEngine OpManager 

Cisco WLC reports and dashboard views

Reports: With OpManager's WLC monitor, availability and health reports such as CPU Usage and Interface Traffic reports can be generated for the discovered WLC devices. Additionally, the access points that are discovered in OpManager (advanced monitoring enabled) will have full access to all types of reports based on the type of device.

Dashboard views: The following dashboard views are currently available for the Cisco WLCs discovered in OpManager.

  • Top N SSID Client Count
  • SSID AP Count
  • AP Traffic Usage
  • Top N AP Client Count
  • WLC Summary widget

Effectively monitor your wireless network with OpManager WLC monitoring module. Also,

  • Keep track of the number of access points and users in your network.
  • Monitor critical metrics of individual access points
  • Segregate and inspect rouge SSIDs and be informed about access point signal strength.
  • Generate reports and configure dashboards for your preference.

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