IPMI Monitoring Software

What is IPMI?

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a remote, hardware management interface that is used to monitor and manage servers and related hardware devices. IPMI is a set of standardized specifications that provide a central monitoring interface independent of the host system's CPU, firmware and operating system.

IPMI Monitoring

IPMI can be used to monitor the physical parameters of hardware like system temperature, fan speed, power supply voltages, etc. IPMI can be effectively utilized to monitor hardware temperature, power consumption, to initiate booting, shutdown server, systems and for logging. A major highlight of IPMI is that it functions independent of a server's CPU and operating system. IPMI can be used to manage servers in various remote locations regardless of the operating system installed as the firmware runs directly on the server motherboard.

IPMI monitoring with OpManager

IPMI has become a universal standard supported by a majority of hardware vendors. OpManager provides comprehensive IPMI monitoring and monitors server health in real-time. You can receive proactive alerts round-the-clock with OpManager as IPMI acts independent of the server and can be accessed at any time. OpManager also helps you monitor and manage remote servers and offers a centralized control interface.


Benefits of implementing IPMI using OpManager:

  • Monitor and detect server outages even before it is detected by the end-user.
  • Detailed insights on the availability of server, services, and applications.
  • Performance monitoring of hardware parameters (speed, temperature, power, and voltage).
  • Monitor server hardware remotely, and eliminate the need for on-site monitoring.
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