Storage Capacity Forecasting and Planning

Storage spend is mostly reactive. Companies usually end up buying storage capacity only in the 11th hour which is not prudent. The apparent lack of a forecasting tool is no longer an excuse enterprises can use for stick-in-the-mud spending on capacity. A good storage forecasting and capacity planning tool predicts how much storage an organization will require so that just enough disk space can be purchased to meet the needs of users and applications. With the help of Machine learning (ML) based forecasting technique, OpManager helps you identify storage which needs an upgrade beforehand. This forecasting is based on historical storage utilization trends. It also helps you get automated reports on storage so that you can plan your storage spend judiciously. That's effectively storage monitoring and capacity forecasting on a single pane of glass.

  • Data Growth
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Alerts
  • Capacity Reports

Storage Capacity Forecast by Growth Trend

Storage capacity details of your storage devices are stored over time. These data points are then used to predict the capacity consumption in the future. The data growth trend can be analyzed using this report and exact capacity predictions can be made for the future.

Storage Capacity Forecast by Utilization

Forecasting storage capacity requirement is important. But it is equally important to plan your storage spending. This involves buying specific device drives to add capacity to your storage setup. Storage capacity forecast by utilization report gives you the exact dates, based on historical trends, when your devices will reach 80, 90 and 100% of their allocated storage. Planning your storage capacity buys, just got better.

Storage capacity forecast by utilization

Scheduling Alerts on Capacity

It is important to be on top of your storage operations at all times. OpManager allows you to schedule alerts on capacity utilization. The alerts triggered can be seen on the 'Alarms' screen itself.

Also notification mails can be triggered by escalating alerts on breaching set capacity thresholds. This helps you to take timely actions and avoid system panics.

Scheduling Reports on Capacity Trends

An automated capacity forecasting tool always helps you to stay a step ahead of your storage setup. By helping you schedule timely reports on capacity trends, OpManager helps you get frequent periodic updates about your storage capacity. This helps you to take control of your storage and effectively improves your storage capacity planning strategy.


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