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When it comes to monitoring Wi-Fi networks, a Wi-Fi analyzer plays an important role. It helps improve connectivity by monitoring and analyzing the performance and availability of Wi-Fi networks.

Various Wi-Fi networking aspects including signal strength, and access point uptime, need to be continually monitored and analyzed to avoid running into network issues. However, in large networks this can be a challenge since these aspects are under constant threat from external factors such as signal noise. To ensure seamless Wi-Fi networking, your network needs a reliable Wi-Fi analyzer in place.

ManageEngine OpManager: An effective Wi-Fi analysis tool for enterprise networks

With OpManager's Wi-Fi analyzer, you can gain complete control over your wireless networks and enables constant uptime and availability. Built to monitor complex, large-scale IT infrastructures with ease, OpManager also helps you effectively monitor your Wi-Fi networks by displaying useful insights into critical networking aspects. These insights enable you to quickly detect and troubleshoot any emerging network issues, aiding in seamless network operations.

With OpManager's network Wi-Fi analyzer you can:

Track crucial performance metrics with a Wi-Fi analyzer software

The optimal performance of your Wi-Fi network can easily be interrupted when critical metrics such as packet loss and response time are left unmonitored. However, the sheer size of organizational networks makes this a challenging task. This is where OpManager's Wi-Fi analyzer helps by enabling you to effectively analyze crucial Wi-Fi metrics with its wide range of built-in network monitors. These monitors give you in-depth insights into various aspects of your Wi-Fi network.

Some of the effective Wi-Fi monitors OpManager offers include:

  • Signal monitors: Enable uninterrupted Wi-Fi signals by analyzing metrics such as signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), SNR experienced in the connection between the the access point and the client device, and signal strength.
  • Network utilization monitors: Analyze the load on your Wi-Fi components by tracking metrics such as the number of clients connected, 5Ghz user count, 2.4Ghz user count, and number of active clients currently using your Wi-Fi network.
  • Network traffic monitors: Ensure uninterrupted availability with monitors that enable monitoring your Wi-Fi network's traffic metrics such as total bytes transmitted by the access point, total bytes received by the client, transmission rate, and more.
  • Network resource monitors: Analyze metrics such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, and system uptime to ensure optimal resource usage.

The granular reports generated by these monitors offer comprehensive insights into various metrics, such as health and availability. This helps you to enhance capacity planning and ensure a seamless networking experience for your end users.

Wi-Fi Analyzer Tool – ManageEngine OpManager

Discover, monitor, and analyze Wi-Fi components

An important part of ensuring effective Wi-Fi networking is constantly managing your Wi-Fi network's components such as its access points. This can be a challenging task when it comes to large organizations comprised of multiple access points, wireless LAN controllers (WLCs), and hundreds of client devices.

To simplify this task, OpManager enables you to automate the discovery, classification, and inventorying of Wi-Fi components. Once discovered and classified, OpManager associates a predefined set of monitors to the components. These monitors help you automate the monitoring of various aspects such as your WLC's response time, availability, and packet loss metrics. The data displayed by these monitors helps with enabling uninterrupted Wi-Fi networking.

Real Time Wi-Fi Analyzer – ManageEngine OpManager

Expedite network troubleshooting with adaptive thresholds

Another key factor that helps you enable constant Wi-Fi uptime is your Wi-Fi analyzer's ability to detect and alert on emerging network issues. With various metrics to be monitored, you need a reliable solution that can alert you in case of any issues.

OpManager's Wi-Fi analyzer automates this task with its adaptive threshold-based alerts. Once set up, OpManager's network monitors continually scan your Wi-Fi network for any threshold violations. If found, it alerts you through various channels such as SMS or email incase of any issues. These instant alerts help you effectively troubleshoot network issues and avoid major network disruptions.

Wi-Fi Analysis Tool – ManageEngine OpManager

The need for Wi-Fi analyzers

Several factors, such as the distributed nature of organizational networks, have made Wi-Fi network monitoring a challenging task. Since these networks are easily prone to issues like interrupted network connection, high external noise, and slow data transmissions, network admins need an effective Wi-Fi analyzer that helps them:

  • Track and monitor a diverse range of Wi-Fi performance metrics to ensure reliable network connectivity and constant network uptime.
  • Ensure continuous Wi-Fi network availability by monitoring the Wi-Fi hardware, such as access points.
  • Easily detect and resolve emerging network issues. Create custom maps of their Wi-Fi environment to effectively diagnose and pinpoint network issues.
  • Monitor wireless networks from a centralized network monitoring console.

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Getting started with OpManager Wi-Fi network analyzer

ManageEngine OpManager offers more than just Wi-Fi monitoring. It is a comprehensive network monitoring solution that enables proactive monitoring and network troubleshooting. It helps you ensure constant network uptime and availability with diverse built-in monitors, instant alerts, and granular reports.

New to ManageEngine OpManager? Schedule a free, personalized demo with our product experts or download a free, 30-day trial, and explore how it helps your network monitoring tasks.

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