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Network software is a term that represents any software for networking that helps a network administrators perform a specific operation with ease. The term 'network software' can include a wide range of software solutions, each of which offering a specific function that together helps network admins gain complete control over their IT infrastructure. Network software offers capabilities to monitor network health, measure performance, anticipate potential outages, take proactive decisions, and to manage and resolve network faults. Network software also enables you to visualize the network to understand its architecture, and secure your IT infrastructure from attacks.

With organizational networks becoming increasingly agile and dynamic, it is important to deploy a reliable network software that can keep you informed of any emerging network issues. Since network is the backbone of every business nowadays, it's important to invest in efficient network software platforms to ensure network optimization.

ManageEngine OpManager: Proactive network software solutions for complex IT infrastructures

OpManager - a comprehensive software for networking, makes the tedious process of network and server monitoring simple by allowing you to monitor, troubleshoot, visualize, and secure your network all in one place. This reliable software for networks offers various capabilities that enable you,

  • Easily troubleshoot network issues: With OpManager network software solution, all the data needed for troubleshooting is available in a single place, which will help you analyze and make decisions quickly and effortlessly. OpManager also lets you take control of your network with proactive measures like multi-level thresholds and instant notification support.
  • Reduce management overhead: OpManager network software is an integrated network performance software that offers multiple add-ons. Once you've picked the add-ons you need, you will only need to update and renew one tool, which saves you time.
  • Secure your network: Internet-connected devices on enterprise networks can be hacked in as little as 3 minutes. That's why it's important to have strong firewalls and an efficient firewall monitoring tool as a part of your network software to help you secure your network. OpManager's Firewall Analyzer add on analyzes the effectiveness of the firewall rules, provides detailed information on all possible network attacks and security breaches, monitors user activity, records incoming traffic, and detects sudden spikes in bandwidth consumption.
  • Automate tasks: OpManager allows you to automate activities like discovery, adding monitors, setting up notification profiles, and a lot more, which is time consuming and inefficient when done manually. With this network software's network automation workflow, it's easy to maintain a healthy network infrastructure. Repetitive, time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks can be completely automated using this network software solution using its more than 70, builtin workflow actions.
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  • Effortlessly manage configurations: Configurations and network changes can lead to network outages or performance issues several times a year, without the right network software in place. With OpManager's Network Configuration Manager add-on, you can make sure your networking environment is secure by monitoring configuration changes. Attain a complete record of the who, what, and when of configuration changes using this network software. You can also perform bulk configurations, schedule device configuration backups, track user activity, and prevent unauthorized changes by receiving instant notifications.
  • Customize dashboards: With OpManager’s customizable dashboards, you can assess the current status of your network with critical metrics from routers, switches, firewalls, servers, services (physical and virtual), applications, URLs, printers, and other infrastructure devices by setting them as widgets. With this network software dashboard, you can monitor performance and identify network errors as soon as you log in.
  • Gain greater visibility: Visualize your networksin the following formats with OpManager:
    • Leverage Business View: The Business View provides a graphical representation of your network to help you understand device dependency. With the Business View, you can ensure the availability of devices across your network and troubleshoot issues as needed.
    • Use both Zoho Maps and Google maps: These provide a geographical view of your network when you place Layer-2 maps: These provide a visual representation of your network by showcasing all the devices connected to your network. They also help you identify the critical devices in your network.e devices on the map according to their geographical distribution.
    • Use 3D floor and rack views: OpManager lets you create a three-dimensional copy of your server rooms. Checking for availability and other critical metrics is much easier in these views.
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  • Generate advanced reports: OpManager tracks and logs all the network performance monitoring metrics like health, and availability. With the help of this information, OpManager acts as a network analysis tool that generates more than 100 built-in reports. These reports are intuitively grouped and classified. With this network software's Advanced Report feature, you can create custom reports based on your preference. You can also schedule the reports to be sent to your email address so that you are updated without any additional effort.
  • Easily deploy OpManager and scale as needed at a cost that's affordable: This network software allows you to scale as and when your enterprise grows. You can scale up to 10,000 devices and 5,000 interfaces without compromising on reliability. You don’t need any costly consultation or training to install OpManager. On top of this, OpManager network software also offers a transparent device-based pricing model.

Get the benefits of an integrated solution while working in silos

OpManager has multiple add-ons through which you can expand the tool's utilities based on your needs. These add-ons help you manage configurations, bandwidth, firewalls, compliance, storage, applications, IP addresses, and switch ports. With one-click integration to ITSM tools (ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceNow, and Jira ServiceDesk), communication tools (Slack), webhooks (MS Teams, Telegram, etc.), and REST AP- based integrations, you can proactively manage faults.

Network Software - ManageEngine OpManager

If you're looking for a unified software suite to manage your IT operations, OpManager Plus is for you. While you can choose to integrate OpManager with any add-ons that you need, OpManager Plus comes with all the add-ons enabled, including network performance monitoring, bandwidth and traffic monitoring, configuration and compliance management, firewall management, IP address and switch port management, and application monitoring—all in a single console.

New to ManageEngine network software? Download a 30-day free trial of the network software solutions and explore the various capabilities offered.

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