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Here's a look at the different modules DataSecurity Plus has to offer and what you can do with them:

File auditing

The File auditing solution offers:

File access auditing: Audit all file accesses and modifications.

File change monitoring: Track and provide alerts for changes made to files and folders.

File integrity monitoring: Detect unauthorized changes made to sensitive files.

Compliance auditing: Meet requirements for PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA and more.

Ransomware response: Detect and shut down ransomware attacks instantly.

Data risk assessment

The Data risk assessment solution offers:

Data discovery: Locate sensitive data (PII/ePHI) across your file servers and OneDrive.

Data classification: Use automated and manual tagging functions to organize data based on sensitivity and vulnerability.

Endpoint DLP

With the Endpoint DLP solution, you can:

Track endpoint usage: Audit usage and transfer of data through removable devices.

Monitor file copy to endpoints: Track file copy events to USBs and across local systems.

Protect critical data: Block files with PII and ePHI from being moved via removable devices and Outlook.

File Analysis

With the File analysis solution, you can:

Analyze file metadata: Gain key insights on file ownership, size, location,and more.

Manage ROT data: Identify and discard ROT files, duplicate files, and other junk data.

Optimize disk usage: Analyze storage trends and receive alerts on low disk space.

Examine permissions: List effective permissions, and spot permission hygiene issues.

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