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Storage Overview: Insights on disk space usage

Once you've set up the File Analysis module and the first full scan is completed, you can start viewing insights on your dashboard. The dashboard sports a tree view, providing both a domain-level perspective into drives and folders, and file-level data for granular insights. The Storage View shows analytics on storage patterns for the configured disks in your domain.

By default, the Storage View displays the following information:

File distribution: File size and storage capacity consumed by junk, stale, duplicate, and non-business files are displayed at the environment, domain, and server levels. At the folder level, top folders with junk, stale, duplicate, and non-business data are displayed. The file-level view displays file attribute information.

Total file size analyzed: The total size of the files and folders analyzed by File Analysis.

File count by year of creation: A trend line graph displaying the number of stale, duplicate, non-business, and total files created every year.

Junk file distribution: A graph showing the distribution of stale, duplicate, and non-business files. Generally, junk files represent the total number of stale, duplicate, and non-business files, with some limitations.

File type distribution: A graph indicating the file type distribution across servers, drives, and folders.

Top storage consumption by user: Shows the five users who take up the most disk space along with the number of files and folders owned by them.

Disks with low space: This table is available at the server, domain, and environment-level views, and displays data on consumed and free disk space.

File-level details: At the file level in the tree view, the dashboard shows information on file size and the file category, and the time of creation, modification, and last access. Security insights such as open access and inconsistent permissions, and insights on hidden, stale, and non-business file attributes are also displayed.

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