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Launching DataSecurity Plus

  • Open a web browser and type “http://<hostname>:<port number>” in the address bar. The hostname is the name of the machine where DataSecurity Plus has been installed, and the port number is the web server port number that was specified during the installation of DataSecurity Plus. The default port used by DataSecurity Plus is 8800.

    Note: To verify communication between DataSecurity Plus and your machine, go to Windows > Command Prompt and enter in the command “Ping <hostname>”.</hostname>

  • Enter admin as the username and password (for first-time users) for the password, and click Login.

Tip: After setting up DataSecurity Plus, change its default password by navigating to Configuration > Admin > General Settings > Personalize > Change Password.

Tip: Google Chrome is the recommended web browser for running DataSecurity Plus.

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