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Workstation configuration

To configure workstations using DataSecurity Plus' Endpoint DLP feature:

  • Select Endpoint from the drop-down menu in the top pane.
  • Go to Configuration → Devices to open the Configured Workstation(s) page.
  • Workstations can either be configured individually or in groups.

    Best practice: We recommend grouping workstations and applying policies to the group rather than applying it directly to the workstation.

  • To configure workstations individually, follow these steps:
    • Under the Configured Workstations tab, click + Add Workstation(s) in the top-right corner.
    • Select your domain.
    • Note: To add a domain that is not listed, click Add New Domain, and follow these steps.

    • Click + in the Select Workstation(s) field to add workstations.
    • Then, select the Security Policies you want to apply for the selected workstation(s).
    • Click Install Agent and Finish.
  • To configure workstations in a group, follow these steps:
    • Select the Configured Groups tab.
    • Click + Create Group located at the top-right corner.
    • Provide a suitable group name and description.
    • Select the required domain from the drop-down menu.
    • Click the + symbol near the Select workstation(s) text box, and select the list of workstations to be added.
    • Select the policies that have to be applied to the group, and click Create Group.
    • Note:
      • Ensure that all workstations in the group are in the same domain.
      • A workstation can only be a part of one group.
      • When two conflicting policies are applied to a workstation, the most restrictive policy is applied, irrespective of whether the policy is applied directly or through a group.

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