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Access audit reports

DataSecurity Plus' File Auditing solution offers multiple default report categories. Follow the steps below to view them:

  • Click the File Audit tab. Go to Access Audit > Audit report.
  • Choose a Server Name to view the audit data of that particular server.
  • Select the desired time range using the Period drop-down.
  • Choose any of the default reports under Audit reports and view relevant data.

You can find the following default reports in File Audit:

All File/Folder Changes

Report on all accesses made, including create, modify, delete, move, rename, permission change and owner change events.

Create Events

List of all files created.

Renamed/Moved Events

List of all move, rename, and file extension changes for all files configured.

Deleted/Overwritten Files

List of all deleted and overwritten files.

Security Permission Changes

List of all security changes, including permission changes, owner changes, and SACL changes.

All Failed Attempts

List of all failed read, write, and delete attempts.

Read Events

List of all file read events.

Files Copied

List of all files copied from file server shares when users locally or remotely log in to file servers.

Files Pasted

List of all the files pasted in configured file server shares.

Tip: You can use the editing options available at the top-right corner of the graph to refresh data, change views, or add a particular view to your dashboard.

FAQ: How do I create a new file audit report?

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