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Creating new data discovery rules

Follow the steps below to configure new data discovery rules:

  • Click the Risk Analysis tab. Go to Configuration > Discovery Policy Configuration > Rules.
  • Click + Add Rule in the top-right corner.
  • Name the rule, and include an appropriate description.
  • Select a Match Type for the rule, i.e., Keyword Set or Regular Expression.
  • Tip: Use the Keyword Set when an exact phrase can be used to locate sensitive information. Use the Regular Expression when searching for a text or number pattern.

  • Type in the Keyword Set or Regular Expression pattern.
  • Tip: Download our e-book, and learn how to find sensitive personal data such as PII/ePHI/PCI using regex.

  • In the No of Occurrences text field, specify the desired threshold value for instances of personal data.
  • Click Save.

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