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File classification report

The file classification report lists crucial changes to sensitive or restricted files to help you spot anomalous file actions in time. The Endpoint DLP module offers the following manual classification tag options for files:

  • Restricted
  • Sensitive
  • Public
  • Internal

Classifying files in endpoints

Follow the steps below to classify files:

  • File tagging is an agent-based process. Ensure that the DataSecurity Plus agent has been installed across all endpoints you wish to tag files in.
  • Right-click the file you wish to classify.
  • Select File Classification and click the label you want to reflect in the report and response action parameters.

Viewing file classification reports

When files are classified or file classification values are changed, DataSecurity Plus reports on the values. Follow the steps below to view classification-based insights:

  • Select Endpoint DLP from the drop-down menu. Go to Reports > File Classification Reports.
  • Specify the endpoints and period for which you want to view the data using the Endpoint Name and Period drop-downs.

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