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Predefined audit reports

The default audit policy is the profile based on which event collection and processing will start as soon as a file server is set up.

The predefined configuration collects audit data based on the filters below:

User: All

Action: All

Create Modify Delete Move
Owner change Overwrite Permission change Rename
SACL change File copied Read deny Restore
Write deny Delete deny File extension change Read
Text copied File attribute change File paste

Monitor Object: All

Follow the steps below to modify the default audit policies:

  • Click the File Audit tab. Go to Configuration > Settings > Audit Configuration.
  • Choose any server, as the predefined configuration is the same for all servers configured.
  • In the table, you'll find the Default Access Audit Configuration. Select Edit.
  • Under the Criteria section, add new filters or edit the predefined filters.
  • Click Save.

To create a new audit policy, follow the below steps:

  • Click the File Audit tab. Go to  Settings > Audit Configuration.
  • Click on + Add Reports at the top right corner.
  • Provide a suitable name and description for the new policy.
  • Modify the audit criteria by using the Include and Exclude options.
  • Click Save.

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