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DataSecurity Plus is a one-stop solution for data visibility and security. This document gives a brief overview of DataSecurity Plus, its capabilities, benefits, and more.

What is DataSecurity Plus?

DataSecurity Plus is a real-time file server auditing, data risk assessment, and data leak prevention solution. It audits file changes and policy violations, identifies issues relating to non-compliance, alerts admins, and responds to incidents to mitigate potential damage to data stores.

Why you'll love it

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus makes it easy to:

  • Gain visibility into file accesses, changes, and share and NTFS permissions.
  • Monitor file integrity, and alert admins about anomalous activity.
  • Detect sensitive data with both content and context analysis.
  • Improve storage efficiency, and simplify junk file management.
  • Prevent data leaks via USBs and workstations.

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