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Scheduling scans

Follow the steps below to schedule data discovery scans:

  • Click the Risk Analysis tab. Go to Configuration > Scan Configuration > Schedule.
  • Click + Add Schedule at the top-right corner.
  • Name the schedule and include an appropriate description.
  • Choose the policies to be scanned.
  • Select the shares to scan.
  • Enable Incremental File Scan.
  • Best Practice: Always choose the incremental file scan option unless it is a one-time scan. This reduces the run time by scanning only new or modified files.

  • Enter Schedule Duration.
  • Select the Starting Date.
  • Specify the exclusion timing.
  • Tip: Data discovery by itself is a CPU-intensive task. Add the most critical business hours to exclusion timings to minimize disruptions in productivity.

  • Click Add.
  • Click Save.

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