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On-demand reports

The list of on-demand reports are:

  • Effective Permissions: Shows the effective permissions of users in a selected server, share, and sublevel.
  • All Shares: Lists all the shared files and folders in a selected server with details on the share name, type, share path, and local path.
  • Open Sessions: Lists all the open user sessions in the selected server with details on the host IP, username, connected time, idle time, and number of open files.
  • Open Files: Lists the files that are open at the time the report is generated.
  • Junction Points: Lists junction points in a selected server, folder, and sublevel, along with the target location.
  • Privileged Users: Lists users with excessive privileges.
  • Orphaned Files: Lists all the files associated with programs that have been uninstalled or separated because of computer error.
  • NTFS Permissions: Shows the security permissions of selected file shares to users.
  • Empty folders: Lists all empty folders within selected file shares or folders.

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