Audit Reports

DataSecurity Plus has numerous reports to monitor your Windows File Servers. View from the numerous pre-configured audit reports that in real-time provide you with precise details. Get automatic periodic report generation right to your inbox along with business / non-business / all hours reporting. Real-Time E-mail Alerts | Exportable Reports | Archive Audit Data | Assign Operator roles (reports view only). An audit entry in the Security log contains the following information:

Windows File Server Audit Reporting Categories

Securely track Windows File Servers for all access events and also perform storage analysis.

Dashboard View | Cumulative Reports | File Audit Reports | Server Based Reports | Share Based Reports | Profile Based Reports

Schedule Reports

Schedule Reports- Automate periodic reporting by scheduling reports and choosing the reporting frequency along with export report type (pdf, xls, csv & html) and view the reports right in your email.. More on Schedule Reports >>

Export Reports

DataSecurity Plus reports can be easily exported in popular formats like pdf, xls, csv & html. You can also automate the periodic reporting by scheduling the reports and view them in your email.

Features that are common to all the File Audit Reports

Reports on older events that were archived / backed-up can be viewed by restoring the archived data.

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