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Configuring two-way SSL-enabled web applications

To allow access to two-way SSL-enabled web applications via the Cloud Protection Gateway Server, follow these two steps:

  1. Import a client certificate
  2. Upload an issuer certificate

Step 1: Import a client certificate

Client certificates confirm the legitimacy of the client by the server. To import one to DataSecurity Plus, follow the below steps:

  • Log in to the DataSecurity Plus web console.
  • Select Cloud Protection from the application's drop-down.
  • Go to Configuration > Certificate > Certificate Trust Store and click Configure Two-way SSL.
  • Click Import a Client Certificate and type in the client Website.
  • Select the Client Certificate and provide the Client Certificate Password.
  • Click Find Certificate Issuer to validate the issuer certificate. If the trust store already has the Issuer CA, then the issuer name will be displayed under Client Certificate Password.
  • If the issuer certificate doesn't exist already in the trust store, click Browse and select the certificate file.
  • Click Import to add the certificate.

Note: To download or view an imported client certificate, click the download icon in the Actions column of the respective certificate in the Configure Two-way SSL page.

Note: P12 and PFX certificate formats are supported.

Step 2: Upload an issuer certificate

Issuer certificates confirm the legitimacy of the client certificate. To upload one, follow the below steps:

  • Under the issuer column, click the Upload link corresponding to the target certificate to select the issuer certificate from your machine.
  • Click Import.

In case the issuer certificate is deleted, you can re-upload it by following the above steps.

Note: Issuer certificates can be .cer (DER encoded), .cer (Base64 encoded), .crt, and .der.

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