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How to troubleshoot HTTP communication failure

This page will discuss the steps to troubleshoot HTTP communication failures in DataSecurity Plus.

Symptoms of error due to HTTP communication failure.

The DataSecurity Plus agent audits Windows file servers in real time and forwards collected event data to the DataSecurity Plus server through the configured HTTP(S) port.

Note: To learn more about the default HTTP(s) port used by DataSecurity Plus, refer the Port Configuration Guide.

Issues in this agent-server communication path will cause the "No HTTP Communication available for more than 24 hours" error message to show on the product console under [Configured module]> Configuration > [Source] > Manage Agent.

At the end of the Manage Agent page, you'll find the below information:
Last HTTP Communication Time : -
Last Attempt Time : - [Failure]

Causes of HTTP communication failure. 

Two common reasons for getting the "No HTTP Communication for more than 24 hours" error: 

  • The agent is unable to forward data to the DataSecurity Plus server.
  • Agent properties do not match the corresponding server properties.

Steps to resolve the HTTP communication error.

  • Check if the agent is able to forward event data to the DataSecurity Plus server.

    Log in to the file server. Ensure that the file server is able to ping the DataSecurity Plus server.

    Then, connect to the DataSecurity Plus server through a web browser (we recommend using Internet Explorer or Edge) by typing <Protocol>://<Server Name>:<Port number being used>. 

    • If this test fails, check the inbound and outbound firewall setting on the file server and the DataSecurity Plus server, and open the port being used by DataSecurity Plus.
  • Check if the agent properties match the corresponding server properties.

    After executing step one, click on the refresh icon at the top right of the Agent Property table under [Configured module] > Configuration > [Source] > Manage Agent. Check if the status of every entry is marked with a green check.

    • If the properties do not match, go to Run > Type regedit, and click OK on the file server. Navigate to HKLM > Software > ManageEngine > FAP, and update the values of the entries with the corresponding values on the Agent Property table's IN SERVER column.
    • If you are unable to refresh the Agent Property table, check if the Remote Registry Service is running on the file server. If it's not running already, start the service.
    • Refresh the Configuration Sync Details table on the Manage Agent page to ensure that all recent changes are updated.

If the issue persists, you can contact DataSecurity Plus' technical support team by sending an email to

Kindly include the following details in your email to help us assist you better:

  • Product edition (Free, Trial, or Standard).
  • Product build number.
  • A brief description of the problem.

Additionally, you can call the support team at: +1.844.245.1101 (toll-free).

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