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Security and confidentiality are important aspects to consider for reports generated during data risk assessment. These reports may contain sensitive content that must be hidden from users and technicians. Based on the rules and policies included in data discovery scans, this could be confidential data, personally identifiable information, or other sensitive data types.

Most compliance regulations only require an index of locations where business-critical or sensitive personal data is stored in enterprise file storage. The detected data itself need not be included in reports.

Restricting the detected sensitive data from being stored in the database and being displayed in reports can help:

  • Enhance the privacy and security of sensitive data by making it inaccessible to technicians.
  • Optimize disk usage by not storing detected data matches in the database.

There are two report aspects that can be excluded from reports and storage:

  • Display text: This is the set of characters preceding and succeeding policy-violating content in sensitive files.
  • Violation text: This is the sensitive content detected in scanned files by using RegEx or keyword matching.

To view or modify these settings:

  • Select Risk Analysis from the application drop-down.
  • Go to Configuration > Scan Configuration > General Settings.
  • Here, you can select one of three available privacy options:
    • Exclude display text only: If this is enabled, display text will be omitted from reports and not stored in the database.
    • Exclude both violation and display texts: If this is enabled, both display and violation texts will be omitted from reports and not be stored in the database.
    • Exclude none: Neither display nor violation texts will be excluded. They will be visible on the console, in exported reports, and in the database.
  • Click Save.

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