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Add a certificate to the Trust Store

The Trust Store contains all the certificate authority (CA) certificates installed on a Windows client device by default, as well as any CA certificates generated by the admin. When deep packet inspection is enabled, it is the duty of the gateway server to check the authenticity of the cloud application. The Trust Store contains the list of CAs that can be trusted. By default, this list is auto-imported from the Windows trusted root CA list.

To add new or re-import existing Windows-installed default certificates to the Certificate Trust Store:

  • Select Cloud Protection from the application drop-down menu at the top.
  • Navigate to Configuration.
  • In the Certificate section, select Certificate Trust Store.
  • If you want to restore certificates installed by Windows, click + Reimport certs from Windows.
  • If you want to add a new certificate, click + Add Certificate to Trust Store:
    • Click Browse to select the desired certificate.
    • Click Add.

Note: DataSecurity Plus supports these certificate types: .cer (DER encoded), .cer (Base64 encoded), .crt, and .der

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