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Licensing details

DataSecurity Plus is available in three editions—Free, Trial, and Professional—all packaged in a single download.

To download DataSecurity Plus, click the link below.


About the Trial edition

When DataSecurity Plus is first downloaded, the user will have the fully functional Trial edition for a period of 30 days. During this time, they can evaluate every module and functionality offered by the product. Users of this edition will have 24x5 free technical support.

The following restrictions are placed on DataSecurity Plus' Trial edition:

  • In the Data Risk Assessment module, only 500GB of data can be configured for data discovery.
  • In the Endpoint DLP module, only 300 workstations can be configured for auditing.
  • In the File Audit module, only 5 servers can be configured for auditing.
  • In the File Analysis module, 5TB of data can be configured for analysis.

About the Free edition

Once 30 days are up, the Trial edition will be automatically converted to the Free edition, unless a license is purchased and applied. Users of this edition will continue to have 24x5 free technical support.

The following restrictions are placed on DataSecurity Plus' Free edition:

  • In the Data Risk Assessment module, only 100GB of data can be configured for data discovery.
  • In the Endpoint DLP module, only 50 workstations can be configured for auditing.
  • Fresh event data will not be fetched in the File Audit module after the trial period.
  • In the File analysis module, only 500GB of data can be analysed to get file security and storage insights.

About the Professional edition

The fully licensed Professional edition of DataSecurity Plus can:

  • Audit, report, and alert on all file accesses, modifications, movement, and permission changes across Windows file server and failover cluster environments.
  • Analyze historical and real-time audit data, and provide insights into file access trends.
  • Detect and automate incident response in the event of ransomware attacks.
  • Analyze file storage and provide visual analytics on file ownership, file security, disk usage, and more. 
  • Track file activity in workstations and removable storage media.
  • Detect and disrupt the leak of sensitive files via USBs and Outlook email.
  • Find and classify files with personal data (PII/ePHI) stored in Windows file servers and failover clusters.
  • Create and maintain an inventory of stored sensitive data.

For more details on the individual capabilities of DataSecurity Plus' three solutions, visit the Compare editions page.

Licensing and purchase

The licensing model for the Professional edition varies for each solution:

Solution Licensing based on
File Audit* Number of file servers
FileAnalysis Data size in TB
Endpoint DLP Number of workstations
Data Risk Assessment Data size in TB

* Note: For each server licensed in File Audit, 1TB of data can be added for free in File Analysis. Additional requirements for File Analysis can be licensed separately.

For purchased licenses, capabilities of the Free edition will remain available in unlicensed modules. The capabilities of the Free edition are subject to change upon internal discretion and without prior notice.

These can be purchased and installed either alone or together. For the pricing details of the Professional Edition's license, check out the pricing page.

To purchase a DataSecurity Plus license, visit the ManageEngine store.

For answers to any questions related to licensing or purchase, or to extend your trial license, contact

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