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Known issues and limitations

Be aware that DataSecurity Plus has some known issues and limitations, as noted below.


  • The agent installs in the default location when it is managed from the UI.

File Audit

  • Detailed DACL/SACL permissions are not reported for file servers.
  • Files with a size of 0KB (empty files) are not audited.
  • Files/folders moved from one drive to another are reported on with Delete and Create events. 
  • The source of an event is not reported if the file server is running Windows Server 2003.
  • System process activities are not audited.

File Analysis

  • In File Analysis reports, the junk file count is the sum of the stale, duplicate, and non-business files. Files are counted twice if they're both stale and duplicate.
  • The Full Control report only lists files providing users with explicit full control permissions. However, the Effective Permissions report lists files with inherited full control permissions as well.

Endpoint DLP (data loss prevention)

  • The Printer Auditing Report audits events only in printers directly connected to endpoints.
  • DataSecurity Plus audits only shared folders and system folders.

Data Risk Assessment

  • DataSecurity Plus cannot scan password-protected files.
  • DataSecurity Plus audits only shared folders and system folders.

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