On demand Reports

On Demand reports as the name suggests can be generated any time the user wishes to generate them, with just a click. To use On Demand reports-

  1. Login into DataSecurity Plus and go to "Reports" Tab > Select "Ondemand Reports".

  2. Select the appropriate report to generate data.

  3. Input the necessary criteria.

  4. Click generate report button to collect data from the fileserver.

Available Reports

  1. Shares Report

    1. All Shares Report

    2. Open Sessions Report

    3. Open files report

    4. Junction point report

  2. Permissions Reports

    1. Effective Permissions Report

    2. Privileged Users Report

    3. Orphaned Files Report

1. Share Reports

1.1 All Shares Report

Displays a list of All Shares in the file server along with their properties.

1.2 Open Sessions Report

Lists all network-based open sessions in the file server.

1.3 Open files report

Lists all the network-based open files currently in the file server with their respective user names.

1.4 Junction point report

Lists all the junction points created in the file server.

2. Permissions Reports

2.1 Effective Permissions Report

Displays what permissions a selected user has over a file/folder.

2.2 Privileged Users Report

Displays which users have selected permissions over a file/folder.

2.3 Orphaned Files Report

Isolates files that belong to users whose account is no longer active (i.e., user account has been deleted).