How to change the alert sound in the Web Alarm Profile?

Build 123320 and higher:

The sound file in the Web Alarm Profile can be changed by following a few simple steps.

     Step 1: Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Notification Profile.

     Step 2: Select an existing web alarm profile or click 'Add' to create a new web alarm profile.

     Step 3: Click the 'New' button under 'Associate Sound' in the 'Web Alarm Properties'.

     Step 4: Browse to select a sound file and click 'Upload'.


The file size should not exceed 1 MB

Only files with the extension .mp3 can be uploaded.

The file name can contain numbers, alphabets and the following characters: - _ and .

The file name cannot exceed 50 characters.


For previous builds:

     Step 1: Pick a sound file of your choice.

     Step 2: Rename the selected sound file to webalarm.mp3.

     Step 3: Now, go to the following directory OpManager/apiclient/fluidicv2/sounds.

     Step 4: Replace the existing webalarm.mp3 in the above directory, with the renamed sound file.

Note: Please clear the browser cache to ensure that the change gets reflected in the product.


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