WAN Network Management solution helps data processing company deliver superior quality of service.


Galaxy, Fiserv Credit Union Division was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The company serves nearly one-third of America's Credit Unions and provides advanced, comprehensive solutions designed especially for financial units.


Galaxy offers diverse services to 200+ credit unions. The biggest task is to ensure 100% uptime of WAN Network connectivity and up-keep of optimal performance in network services.

ManageEngine Solution

ManageEngine OpManager proactively monitors WAN links and critical network services viz. Exchange, File server, etc. to alert immediately on any service degradation or link outage. The company can now be assured that all the Credit Unions will have an always live & performing network & IT infrastructure.

Service Benefits

Galaxy, Fiserv Credit Union Division increased business service quality and reduced downtime, delivering the value of IT to their business by proactively monitoring the WAN links and business-critical network services.


Galaxy, Fiserv Credit Union Division uses OpManager for proactive network management; assures business service excellence.


Count on U$

Galaxy, Fiserv Credit Union Division provides integrated information management systems and services primarily in the United States. Its services include transaction processing, electronic commerce products and services, business process outsourcing, document distribution services, and software and systems solutions. The company serves banks, credit unions, insurance companies and savings institutions. Galaxy was founded in 1991 as a Credit Union Division of Fiserv, Inc. and is headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Galaxy is an industrial leader in providing innovative, member-focused products and a best-in-class data center solution. Galaxy offers the industry's strongest security and disaster recovery solutions, to ensure a safe and always up and running IT infrastructure. As a commitment to deliver service excellence, they provide online support and training related services to credit unions.


Identifying network bottlenecks proactively

Nearly one third of America's credit unions are served by Galaxy for their business critical application and services. Each one of these credit unions is connected to Galaxy via T1 lines. It is essential that these credit unions stay connected with the principal datacenter.

Galaxy struck upon Service Level Agreements with ISPs so as to ensure uninterrupted business transactions and an excellent quality of business. With so many connected Credit Unions and the increasing complexity and reliance on the WAN network and its performance, Galaxy found it tricky to monitor WAN connectivity and ensuring high performance of critical network services was proving to be a very significant challenge.

Caria, Network Support Supervisor, explained that "The greatest challenge is making sure that we know about any circuits' outage or performance degradations before the credit unions do. The credit unions call us for attention whenever there is a connection outage. We need to know that a Circuit or Service or the Server is having the issue ahead of the credit unions."

No IT team really likes to know about outages or performance degradations from end users or clients, and the team at Galaxy is no different. The primary requirement was to know of any WAN link outage or degradation well ahead of a potential damage. While replying to key helpdesk challenges, Caria said "One thing about the helpdesk is that we want to cut down the number of phone calls received from the clients." Galaxy monitors over 400 routers and 76 critical servers and ensuring seamless, live business transactions with superior quality client experience was no mean task.

ManageEngine Solution

Comprehensive WAN and Network services monitoring

To facilitate monitoring WAN circuits and key network services, Galaxy deployed OpManager for its comprehensive features, ease of use and reliability.

Galaxy uses OpManager for monitoring every WAN link for its availability and performance. Further, OpManager monitors critical network services like Exchange, File Server etc.. OpManager monitors the underlying infrastructure and provides instant alerts during circuit outages or performance degradations of network services. It therefore helps the Network team be proactive in identifying the outages so as to report back to their clients on where problems lie.

Caria said  We use OpManager to poll all the credit unions and monitor all the routers, circuits etc. Whenever a circuit looses connectivity on the interfaces, OpManager shoots an email alert to us on the connectivity loss with relevant details. Further, we monitor our Exchange server, and critical file servers over the WAN and the response time of the other servers as well. 

ManageEngine OpManager helped Galaxy, Fiserv Credit Union Division by proactively monitoring the WAN circuits' connectivity as well as the performance of key network services.

Service Benefits

Delivery of superior quality client experience

Using the ManageEngine OpManager solution, Galaxy is able to identify the WAN outage and key network services performance degradations swiftly.

Through proactive monitoring of its WAN links and Network services performance, Galaxy has been able to:

  • Reduce the circuit outages, thereby safeguarding a critical revenue stream.
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its Network team and client facing team through faster fault detection.
  • Improve the overall client experience for hundreds of credit unions.

 A nice thing about OpManager is it allows us to create a portfolio for each client. I mean, we have so many routers and each router is for a different client managed over WAN. The ability to label each individual router, interface, the application servers etc, allows us to know which one of the resources has irregularities and needs immediate attention. A really useful feature!  said Caria.

She added  The routers we manage are spread across the WAN. Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Florida all over the US. So, we are able to use OpManager on the server here on choice and it polls across the WAN and gives us the information on the connectivity, faults, network services performance etc. OpManager is very competitively priced and value for money. 

For Evaluators - Points to Ponder

Comprehensive Features, Responsive Support and Competitive pricing

Caria said  OpManager has a comprehensive feature-set, with accurate reporting capability. For the number of routers and servers it monitors, the price is extremely competitive. Further the support team has been extremely helpful. Couple of times on our server box, we did some Microsoft upgrades and our databases became corrupt. The support department was able to recover our databases. We didn't have to rebuild everything and they were very responsive. Excellent support staff! 

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