WAN Management

WAN Management using Cisco IP SLA

The WAN being an expensive part of the corporate network, one needs to be kept informed of any outage⁄ unscrupulous usage⁄ intermittent connectivity. OpManager leverages Cisco IPSLA technology to help you visualize your WAN links and troubleshoot WAN outages and performance issues, even over your ISP infrastructure.

Benefits of choosing OpManager as your daily WAN Monitoring Tool:

Maintain your WAN links at peak performance levels with the WAN RTT Monitor
Upgrading your WAN pipes is neither a permanent, nor a cheap solution to improving application performance across the WAN. OpManager’s WAN RTT (Round–Trip–Time) monitor provides details on WAN link latency, bandwidth utilization, Round–Trip–Time and other performance factors for you to completely diagnose and resolve poor WAN performance before you can think of upgrading WAN bandwidth capacity. OpManager leverages powerful Cisco IPSLA and NetFlow technology to help you:

" We manage a complex WAN connecting over 200 credit unions across the US. OpManager helps us resolve network outages and troubleshoot performance problems even before our customers notice "
Caria Little, Network Support Supervisor, Galaxy, Fiserv Credit Union Division
Usage example
A fast growing financial institution implemented OpManager WAN RTT monitoring to monitor branch office connectivity to the Datacenter at New York. See how OpManager helped the network administrator in identifying WAN performance degradation to prevent business loss. Click here to see the use case.



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