Hyper-V Monitoring

OpManager now extends its virtualized infrastructure monitoring capabilities to Hyper-V monitoring, in addition to monitoring VMwares. The Hyper-V monitoring feature in OpManager provides all the visibility you need to manage your virtual infrastructure.


Automatic Hyper-V discovery and classification:

OpManager uses WMI to discover, classify and monitor the Microsoft Hyper-V devices. All you need to do is specify the WMI credentials, discover the Hyper-V hosts and you are good to go. OpManager discovers the devices, classifies it under the virtualization category and associates the predefined monitors in the device monitoring templates.

Automatic Hyper-V discovery and classification

Active tracking of inventory and resources allocated

The biggest challenge in virtual infrastructure maintenance is to avoid sprawl and zombie virtual machines. This is achieved only by maintaining an active tracking of virtual machine list per host and a list that details resource allocated to each virtual machine. This is done automatically through OpManager active inventory probing. So even when the virtual machines do a "Live Migration" within the virtual cluster, it is captured by OpManager.

Active tracking of inventory and resources allocated

Comprehensive Hyper-V infrastructure monitoring:

Specific to Hyper-V monitoring, OpManager has over 40 monitors on CPU, Memory, Disk and Network for the Hyper-V host and guests. Administrators can set thresholds for all these monitors and get alerted if the monitor exceeds the specified performance level.

For the host, in addition to Hyper-V monitors, admins can monitor services, windows services, URLs⁄ Websites, Processes, File and Folders, & Custom scripts.

Comprehensive out-of-the-box Hyper-V infrastructure monitoring

Instant notification when any Hyper-V resource is down:

Leverage OpManager’s powerful fault management module; get notified instantly over an email or SMS alert when there is a Hyper-V fault. Drill-down the alarm to quickly troubleshoot and resolve the problem. Plug-in scripts or automate fault resolution too using IT workflow automation module and ensure minimum downtime!

Instant notification when any Hyper-V resource is down

Quickly spot underutilized resources on the hosts⁄ VMs:

Ensure you make the maximum return on your virtual environment investment at all times. Identify top and least utilized hosts/ guests by resources through our dashboards and reports.

Quick identification of underutilized resources on the hosts or VMs

Over 70+ reports on 

Hyper-V performance monitoring


Exhaustive reports that can be scheduled or exported to other formats like pdf, csv, and xls, option to generate instant custom reports, and the ability to access them from anywhere, gives you a quick glimpse on the performance of your Hyper-Vs.

Over 70+ reports on Hyper-V performance monitoring

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