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In IT management, service delivery is always considered as the tip of the iceberg. There are various underlying heterogeneous systems that help the IT team deliver business services to the end users. These systems include Routers, Firewalls, Switches, WAN accelerators, Servers (Physical/ Virtual), Applications/ services, Load Balancer, Racks, Sensors, Cooling systems & much more.

Delivering streamlined IT services depends on the performance of these systems. This mandates that each system should be strategically planned, deployed, and maintained throughout its lifecycle.

For most of its tenure, the systems remain in the operations and maintenance stage where they are monitored for health and performance, and the resources are optimized.

The following block diagram highlights OpManager functionality in the system management scope.

System Management OpManager


OpManager offers a comprehensive systems monitoring solution

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Network Management

OpManager offers a comprehensive network management solution that helps you resolve network outages, troubleshoot WAN latency, analyze WAN traffic, monitor VoIP performance, manage configurations, and much more. More on Network Management

Servers & Essential Apps Monitoring

OpManager monitors physical and virtual servers for health and performance. It also monitors essential applications such as Exchange, MSSQL and Active Directory, and services and processes that run on the servers. More on Servers & Essential Apps Monitoring

Servers & Essential Apps Monitoring

Fault Management

OpManager offers excellent notification and troubleshooting options that help you receive instant notifications via email or SMS, and resolve issues by automatically triggering self-healing scripts. More on Fault Management

Fault Management

IT Workflow Automation

IT workflow automation helps you automate repetitive laborious IT tasks and first level troubleshooting. OpManager's workflow is code-free, and can be initiated as a counter action to resolve network faults. More on IT Workflow Automation

IT Workflow Automation

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