Why is the source router field empty when configuring a VoIP monitor?

In order to monitor VoIP between two locations, it is necessary to specify the links that you want to monitor using OpManager, i.e, you will have to define the source and target. The source device (Cisco device with IP SLA agent enabled) must be discovered in OpManager and the target/destination device should also be an IP SLA responder enabled Cisco device.

Please follow these steps to discover a source device in OpManager.

  • Go to the source device and enable the SNMP read and write communities.
  • Go to Settings -> Discovery -> Credential and click on Add Credentials.
  • Select the required type of credentials and configure it. Save the configured credential with an appropriate name.c
  • Now, go to Settings > Discovery > Add Device and enter the device name or IP address.
  • Select the configured credentials and click on Discover.

Once the device discovery is completed, cross-check the Vendor name. The Vendor should be 'Cisco' and not 'Cisco Systems'.

For more information on monitoring credentials, click here.



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