What is SysOID criteria and additional SysOID ? 

Additional SysOID:

To classify the device in a more precise manner, we can add multiple device identifiers, which are called additional SysOID.


Follow the below steps to add an additional SysOID:

  • Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Device template -> Add template
  • Specify the Name for the device template, the Vendor name, the Category and the Monitoring Interval.
  • Add the default/ base SysOID by entering the SysOID or quering the SysOID using Query device button if the SysOID is not known and click on the Add button
  • To add an additional SysOID, enter the addtional SysOID in the device identifier field and click on the Add button

SysOID criteria:

SysOID criteria can be used to set a custom OID which will help in further narrowing the classification of a device.


Follow the steps below to set a SysOID criteria:

  • In the device template, click on the edit button next to the SysOID to which you want to set the SysOID criteria
  • Select the criteria and the condition. In the last field, enter the custom OID/ System description to which the comparison must happen.
  • Click on -> Add
  • Now the SysOID criteria is set. 

Note: You can set the SysOID criteria for each and every individual SysOID in the device template

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