Dynamic Variables

Dynamic variables/ message variables are additional information you can include in your alert message. They provide further clarity and enable you to gain more insight on the alert notification. 

Alarm Variables

Alarm variables contain specific information related to the alarm which triggered the alert. By inserting alarm variables into the alert message, you can receive details such as the Alarm ID, Source, Category, Severity, Time, Event Type, Entity of the alarm and the Last polled value. 

Custom Fields for Devices/Interfaces

Custom Fields for Devices/ Interfaces append specific details regarding the source of the alarm (device/interface) that have been provided in the respective snapshot pages to the alert message. These fields can only be included, if they have already been configured in the device/interface description.

Some of the custom fields available are listed below for both devices and interfaces.

CustomFields for Devices

  • Building
  • Cabinet
  • Comments
  • Contact Name
  • Department
  • Floor
  • SerialNumber
  • Telephone Number

You can also add additional custom fields at Device Snapshot Page -> Device Notes.

CustomFields for Interfaces

  • Circuit ID
  • Comments
  • Contact Name
  • SLA
  • Telephone Number

You can add additional fields at Interface Snapshot Page -> Additional Fields.

Variables for Device/Interface/Monitor Properties

Variables for Devices/Interfaces/Monitor properties allows you to include the properties of the alarm source(Device/Interface/Monitor) to your alert message. Few of the fields are editable from Device/Interface Summary Page. The other fields append default information that have already been provided in the description of the respective snapshot pages that are fetched while adding devices/interfaces or monitors.

Some of the property fields available are listed below for devices, interfaces and monitors.

Device Properties

  • Device Type
  • IP Address
  • SNMP Enabled
  • Dependent
  • Disk in GB
  • RAM in MB

Interface Properties

  • IfDescr (Interface Description)
  • Display Name
  • ifAlias (Interface Alias)
  • IfName (Interface Name)
  • IP Address
  • Type
  • Index
  • Circuit ID
  • In Speed
  • Out Speed

Monitor Properties

  • Monitor Name
  • Instance (Instance is only applicable for instance specific monitors like performance monitors, MSSQL monitors.)
  • Protocol 


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