Classifying devices under the correct device type using templates

The devices are classified into device type and category based on the device identifier (sysOID) configured in the respective device templates.

Here are a few things that you need to do before adding the device, preferably in the same order so that the devices are classified properly based on type and category: 

  1. Add credentials 
  2. Enable the relevant protocols like SNMP, CLI or WMI on the monitored devices to enable manageability 
  3. Check and modify (or add new) device templates 
  4. Add the devices for discovery

Modify existing template:

Go to Settings > Configuration > Device Template

For instance, if you are adding a Cisco 10700 series router, search as Cisco or system oid of the device in the search box. This quickly lists all the available Cisco templates:

  • Click on the relevant template (in this case, Cisco 10700 series)
  • Update the template after verifying if the system OID of the device is provided, and add if not present already.
  • Add the other required monitors and click on Save.


This function allows you to duplicate an existing Device Template

  • Go to Settings > Configuration > Device Template > Click on a template
  • Add the required device type's system OID and OID criteria if needed > Add required monitors > Copy
  • Enter a new name Device Template name and click on Copy

How do I create a new device template?

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