How to configure SMS notifications using custom SMS gateway in OpManager

If you have a custom SMS gateway provider (other than Twilio/Clickatell/SMSEagle ), you can follow the steps given below to use your custom SMS gateway to setup notifications via SMS in OpManager.


Before configuring your custom SMS service gateway in OpManager, please ensure that

  • You have an active internet connection.
  • Your SMS gateway provider supports HTTP API.

Note: Please refer to the HTTP API documentation of  your SMS gateway provider for the exact format of the HTTP URL, HTTP Parameters & Request headers.

Steps to configure custom SMS gateway in OpManager:

Go to Settings → General Settings → SMS Server Settings and select Custom option in the SMS Gateway tab.

Fill up the following fields :

HTTP URL: This is the API URL of your SMS gateway. Notifications from OpManager are sent to this URL from where they are redirected to your mobile device. You can find the HTTP URL in the API documentation of your SMS gateway provider

HTTP Parameters: These are a set of data ( including the notification message and the recipient ) that are sent to the HTTP URL. Every HTTP API of a custom SMS gateway would require certain mandatory HTTP parameters such as message, recipient phone number, authentication details ( such as auth token / user name & password combo ) and a few optional parameters.

You can find the HTTP Parameters that are supported by your HTTP URL in your custom SMS gateway provider's HTTP API documentation.

Note: Do not specify the recipient phone number and message text directly in the HTTP parameters. Instead, replace them with $recipient & $message respectively. OpManager will substitute these data with the corresponding recipient phone number and notification message from your notification profiles.

Request Headers: Request headers are a set of  information that are sent along with the HTTP request. Please refer to your SMS gateway provider's API documentation to find out whether the headers are required and if yes, the correct format of the headers. In case of multiple headers, please specify one header per line.

Content type: Indicates the media type of the HTTP Parameters. It can be of 2 types - application/x-www-form-urlencoded & application/json

Encode messages into Unicode - Select this option:

  • If your SMS gateway provider requires messages to be delivered with Unicode encoding ( or )
  • If you are using OpManager in a language other than English and your SMS gateway provider supports Unicode decoding.

If this option is enabled, notification text will be encoded in Unicode format and sent to your SMS gateway server.

Click here to learn how  to setup a SMS notification profile and start receiving notifications.


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