How to set up SMSEagle as the SMS gateway in OpManager


Before setting up SMSEagle as the SMS gateway for OpManager, make sure that: you have the SMSEagle hardware ( You can purchase SMSEagle hardware from here if you don't have one).

Note: SMS Eagle is a hardware based SMS gateway setup. An active internet connection is not required as long as you have direct connectivity between the server in which OpManager is installed and the SMSEagle hardware.

Steps to setup SMSEagle as your SMS gateway

In OpManager:

  • Go to Settings → General Settings → SMS Server Settings, under SMS Gateway, select 'SMSEagle' as the SMS Provider.
  • Enter the Hostname or IP address of the server in which the SMSEagle hardware is configured..
  • Enter the User Name & Password of your SMSEagle installation.
  • If you wish to test if the configuration is successful, click on the Test SMS button.
  • Enter a mobile number with country code and click Send SMS.
  • Check the Gateway API response for more details on the SMS status.

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