How to add a VMware vCenter/ESX host?

Add a VMware vCenter/ESX host?

  • Go to Settings → Discovery → Add credential
  • Click on Add credential → VMware
  • Enter the username and password which are used to access VMware/vSphere client and save the credential.
  • Enable / disable Auto VM discovery option - If enabled, Auto VM discovery automatically updates any changes in the vCenter environment ( such as addition of new VMs to a vCenter ) to OpManager.
  • Now go to Discovery → add VMware
  • Chose Discover vCenter (for vCenter based discovery)/Discover ESX (for ESX host based discovery) and enter the IP address/DNS name.
  • Select the VMware credentials.
  • Along with VMware you can chose SNMP / WMI (Windows) / CLI of the server where vCenter or host is hosted for in-depth monitoring of the metrics based on the selected protocol. Click Next.
  • This will fetch all the virtual machine details list from the vCenter /ESX. By default, all the hosts will be added to OpManager.
  • Select the VMs to be monitored, choose the SNMP, WMI (Windows) or CLI (Linux) credentials for VM's to monitor extra metrics of selected protocol (if needed).
  • Also, you can choose to sync your entity name as the display name in OpManager by enabling the "Sync entity name to display name" option.
  • Once you're done choosing the necessary options, click 'Discover'.
  • vmware ip mapping
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