How to monitor Latency between devices?

Let us say for instance you want to monitor the latency between the border routers to the dslams.

You can use our WAN RTT Monitor add-on to monitor the latency of end routers.

We use Cisco IP SLA to monitor the latency and raise alerts based on the thresholds you configure in OpManager. To know more about Cisco IP SLA, look at the link given below:

The WAN RTT (Round Trip Time) monitor will help you,

  1. Monitor latency between end points across WAN.
  2. Raise alerts based on the Round Trip Time thresholds. The thresholds are customizable.
  3. Monitor Latency for each HOP between the end points.
  4. Custom reports to identify the problem quickly.
  5. Auto-Configuration of Cisco IP SLA monitors to the router, without having you to log on to the router.
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