How to obtain your sysDescr and sysObjectID

MIB browser, a free tool bundled within OpManager assists you with loading and browsing MIBs in addition to performing SNMP related operations.

OpManager requires sysOID and sysDescr to develop a template that is custom crafted for your device which is later associated to your device during the discovery process.

To obtain sysDescr and sysOID:

To obtain sysDescr and sysOID

  • Go to Settings > Tools > MIB Browser > RFC1213-MIB and choose between sysDescr or sysObjectID Select your IP Address/Hostname by clicking on the drop down box and choosing the preferred device.
  • Or select a device from IP Address/Hostname, go to Object ID and type the following to obtain the respective OIDs:
    • For sysDescr .
    • For sysObjectID .
  • Select its respective SNMP Credential. If you haven’t added a relevant credential yet, go to Settings> Discovery> Credentials> Add Credentials.
  • Click on Get button to fetch the response of the OID.
  • Copy the contents and paste it in the Road Map form.
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