How to add bulk custom monitors through device template?

  1. Go to Settings → Configuration → Device Templates.
  2. Select the template in which you want to add a new monitor.
  3. Click on the Add button near Monitor header.
  4. Click on Bulk SNMP tab.
  5. Enter the SNMP OID, Monitor Name, Functional Expression(optional), interval, units and the threshold values.
  6. If the OID value is numeric, enable the Numeric radio button. Also, if you would like to store the data, enable the Store Data radio button,. If the OID value is tabular, enable the Tabular radio button.
  7. Now the monitors are added to the template.
  8. Click on Save and Associate.
  9. In the next screen, choose the required devices and click on Associate to apply this template to the devices.
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