Improve IT productivity with OpManager’s Fluidic Interface

IT productivity depends upon the IT management solutions and communication platform being used. With a faster IT management UI and a real-time communication platform, IT teams can save up to $875,000 over 5 years.

Switch to OpManager and try our new Fluidic interface. It helps you navigate across multiple performance pages and reports in less than 100 milliseconds, which help you, know the fault and performance data quickly and troubleshoot it before your users/customers complaint.

Highlights of Fluidic interface:

  • Fast – Loads snapshot pages in less than 100ms
  • Lifelike – Allows you create realistic views of your data center
  • Usable – Allows you to use it as you scale, without distributing the polling engine
  • Intuitive – Supports keyboard shortcuts for navigation and actions such as clearing an alarm
  • Dynamic – Loads real-time performance data without reloading the pages
  • Instant – Triggers web notifications for faults instantly
  • Collaborative – Helps you collaborate and have real-time IT discussions on a social wall
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