How can I configure storage credentials in OpManager?

Here's how to discover your storage devices in OpManager:

  • First, check what type of credentials is supported for your device.
  • In OpManager, go to 'Settings' → 'Discovery' → 'Add Storage Device', and choose your device model. The list of supported devices is available in the dropdown list.
  • Select the device, and add the credentials for it by clicking on the '+' button, or the 'Add storage credentials' button.


Adding storage credentials - add storage device   


You can also add credentials for a storage device from the Credentials page. To do so:

  • Go to 'Settings' → 'Discovery' → 'Credentials' → 'Storage'.
  • Click 'Add Credential' in this screen.
  • Configure the required parameters and click 'Save' to add the credentials.


Adding storage credentials - Credentials window  

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