Windows process monitor

A Windows process monitor is a tool that can help IT admins monitor the critical processes in their Windows IT infrastructure endpoints, and ensure their constant availability, consistent health, and optimum performance. Through proactive monitoring, a Windows process monitor helps IT admins ensure that their Windows processes don't go down or terminate unexpectedly.

Since the health and availability of Windows processes can also affect the health, availability, and performance of their host Windows devices and other dependent infrastructure components that rely on these processes for their proper functioning, a Windows processes monitor keeps the entire network from experiencing downtime or other network issues through proactive windows process monitoring.

Windows Process Monitoring

Process Monitor for Windows - ManageEngine OpManager

Many Microsoft Windows devices, including Windows servers and Microsoft hypervisors play a critical role in a network ecosystem. Their constant uptime is essential to ensure business continuity. Disruption in process monitoring windows can lead to disruption in business continuity and potential downtime, resulting in vast potential losses in terms of time, effort, and capital investment. At times, it can even cause severe damage to the brand image that could result in lost customers.

This is why it's essential for organizations to have proactive Windows process monitoring tools with eminent strategy to help them track their essential Windows processes around the clock, identify signs of potential trouble, and fix them before they wreck havoc on the entire network infrastructure.

Advantages of leveraging a Windows process monitor tool

Windows process monitoring is a complex activity that involves identifying critical processes to be monitored and tracking their performance metrics. It's imperative for enterprises to invest in a Windows process monitor. Here are some benefits of incorporating a process monitor for Windows:

  • A reliable Windows process monitoring tool helps track the health and availability of critical windows processes to ensure their efficient functioning.
  • Windows process monitor offers in-depth visibility into the performance of critical processes in the network infrastructure environment.
  • A Windows process monitoring software helps track performance bottlenecks and take remediation measures to fix them before they begin to cause losses at the business or infrastructure levels.
  • Effectively supports Windows process monitoring, thereby improving overall network efficiency.

OpManager: Powerful, robust, Windows process monitoring software

ManageEngine OpManager is an end-to-end windows process monitor tool that monitor windows processes and facilitates in-depth insights into the performance of various processes in your network devices. Some of OpManager's key Windows process monitoring capabilities include:

In-depth visibility into Windows process performance with a central dashboard

Monitor Windows Processes - ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager is an efficient Windows Process Monitor tool where the performance monitoring capabilities come along with a built-in, centralized dashboard that helps you gain single-pane-of-glass visibility into the performance of various critical Windows processes in your network. This helps you understand the larger picture, enabling you to plan your network performance optimization strategy better.

Process monitor for windows: Constantly track process performance round the clock

Windows Process Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager comes with distinct abilities for monitoring windows processes including Client Server Runtime, Registry, Security Authority Host, Service Host, etc. With OpManager, the best process monitor in Windows, you can track process health, availability, and performance around the clock, and get alerts on potential trouble by leveraging OpManager's multi-level threshold-based alerting.

Get notified instantly on process performance inhibitors

Windows Process Monitor - ManageEngine OpManager

Windows process management can be done seamlessly withOpManager as it comes with support for multi-level, multi-channel notifications, which can be leveraged to instantly alert your team about any problems that might be affecting the performance of your Windows processes. You can also convert the alerts into actionable items through integrations with ServiceDesk Plus and ServiceNow. Apart from the conventional notification mediums such as email and SMS, OpManager also supports notification via Slack and webhook integrations to allow communication with popular tools like Telegram and MS Teams.

Automate Windows process fault management operations with workflows

Windows Process Monitoring Software - ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager allows you to automate basic Windows process fault monitoring and management activities such as starting a process; terminating a process; and listing all processes in Windows devices in the order of their CPU utilization, memory usage, disk read/write, etc. This helps greatly avoid manual effort and ensures better SLA compliance whenever there is a issue with the processes in your network infrastructure.

Want to learn how OpManager, the Windows process monitor can help optimize the performance of the Windows devices in your network? Schedule a free demo today!


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