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1. Are there any restrictions on the 30-day trial?
2. What are the system requirements for OpManager?
3. Am I eligible for technical support during evaluation?
4. How is OpManager licensed?
5. Do I need to rebuild OpManager from scratch after purchasing?
6. Does upgrading to a newer OpManager version cost me?
7. If I buy more devices or add-ons or plug-ins in future, how does it work?
8. Can I buy a single 250 devices OpManager license and monitor in two different locations?
9. How does OpManager monitor the devices?
10. Which vendors are supported by OpManager?
11. How many devices can I monitor with OpManager?
12. Does OpManager integrate with 3rd party tools?
13. Can I Install OpManager on Linux? Is there any limitation?
14. Is OpManager using 'Apache Struts' framework?
15. What’s the difference between OpManager standalone version and enterprise edition?
16. Can the enterprise edition manage distributed networks?
17. What are the system requirements to install Enterprise Edition?
18. I’m an existing user of OpManager standalone version, can I switch to Enterprise Edition for better scalability?
19. How the Enterprise Edition is licensed?
20. Is it possible to run the Central and Probe on the same machine?
21. Is the data communication between the Central and Probe secured?
22. Does the Enterprise Edition run on MSSQL?
23. My Central Server runs on a server in which two ports (port1-main, port2- for failover) work off of different ISPs. Is it possible set up the Central server to fail-over from port1 to the other?
24. I'm a service provider and have more than 100 remote sites to monitor. Each site has approximately 10 devices to monitor. Will OpManager Enterprise Edition (EE) suit me?
25. How can I migrate to Standard edition from v12.3?
26. Can I downgrade from OpManager Professional edition to OpManager Standard edition?
27. Is OpManager Professional edition the same as OpManager Essential edition?
28. Based on what condition are interfaces listed as subinterfaces?
29. Why are interfaces not rediscovered in my device?
30. Why is there no data collection at my interfaces?
31. Why are the interface traffic values displayed as zero?
32. Why do traffic values differ from the real-time interface values in my interface graphs?
33. Why is there no data in my interface related reports when there is data collection at my interfaces?
34. Why the Ping/Availability status failed for the device even the device is up?
35. What is the use of PII search setting?
36. What are the different types of Personality Identifiable Information in OpManager?
37. Will deleting a Nutanix cluster delete all the devices/entities under it?
38. Why is the 'invalid address case' error displayed when 'Test Mail' is clicked?
39. Why does OpManager appear to be using a lot of postgres processes?
40. Why does the product UI appear to load slowly in the Central Server?
41. What are the Cisco router/switch models supported for IPSLA monitoring in OpManager?
42. Is OpManager using 'Apache Struts' framework?
43. What is "Product promotions" under Settings -> System Settings -> Client Settings?
44. What is "Product Assistance Notification" under Settings -> System Settings -> Client Settings?


1. What are the pre-requisites for each credential?
2. What are the impacts of providing wrong credentials?
3. Why is the source router field empty when configuring the VoIP monitor?
4. How to check the WMI credentials for Windows devices?
5. What is SNMP Context?
6. What are the possible reasons for login credentials (Username/ Password) to fail?
7. Why does Credential association fail?


1. Why is the discovery running automatically even when it is not scheduled?
2. While discovering devices via CSV, why is the device type in CSV file not applied to the device upon discovery?
3. Why is the device type in the CSV file, not applied to the device upon discovery?
4. My NIC card has two IP addresses. Will it be added as two devices?
5. Why can’t I add the not-reachable devices from the Discovery Profile?
6. What is CIDR?
7. How does ReRun work?
8. What is Rule Engine?
9. What access privilege is needed for VMware credential while discovering Vcenter server?
10. How to resolve "Device not reachable" error?
11. How does Interface Status Polling work?
12. How can I configure a non-admin user for WMI monitoring?
13. How can I disable the dependency of devices set automatically while discovering layer 2 devices?
14. What does the option 'type' under 'criteria' signify?
15. Why is the discovered device categorized as unknown?
16. I am seeing the message ''Enter Valid Router or L3 Switch''. How can I fix this?
17. What happens when existing devices are rediscovered?
18. How to find the missing VMwares and Hosts?
19. How can I import field properties from my files?
20. Can I add a new column while importing the CSV file in Additional fields?
21. Why are some devices added with IP-address instead of host name?
22. What are the MIBs/OIDs used to discover Layer2 map?
23. What are the list of ports to be opened in the firewall?
24. How to fix OpManager from turning off when trying to discover layer 2 devices?
25. Why do we need rediscovery option for existing devices?
26. How does the re-run Discovery Rule Engine work in OpManager?
27. How does the Status enable/disable option in rule engine work?
28. What are the troubleshooting problems arising in vCenter Discovery?
29. What are the supported device types?
30. Why are some devices added with IP address instead of hostname?
31. Will the scheduled discovery/re-discovery affect the existing/already added devices?
32. What are the ports to be opened in the firewall?
33. How to Schedule Automatic Discovery and associate Notification Profile to the devices?
34. How to add a subnet (CIDR) for monitoring?
35. How can I turn off Auto VM discovery in Nutanix devices?
36. How long will it take before a newly added VM in my network will be reflected in OpManager?


1. Why the discovered devices are classified as Unknown?
2. Why is the status of a device shown as 'Not Monitored'?
3. Why are some devices added with IP address instead of hostname?
4. Why are interfaces not rediscovered for the devices?
5. Why do I see new devices being added to OpManager automatically?
6. I have created a custom category, but the same is not listed in Inventory category list. Why?
7. What is the difference between device type and category?
8. Why are interfaces not discovered for my device?
9. Why are some interfaces in unmanaged state?
10. How to configure multiple threshold severity for interfaces?
11. How to view interface graphs for multiple interfaces in a single page?
12. Why am I receiving wrong interface alerts?
13. Why there is no data when I choose custom time less than 1 day?
14. Why does the real time graph values differ from the interface snapshot graph values?
15. What are Idle interfaces?
16. Why are some criteria for Notification Profiles missing from the Notification Profile section of device snap shot page?


1. What is the difference between ESX-based Monitoring & vCenter-based Monitoring?
2. Why are VMs identified as 'Unknown' even after the successful discovery of VMware vCenter or ESX Servers?
3. When will a VM be in "Not monitored" state? How can I start monitoring it?
4. Can I manually discover the newly configured VMs even after disabling Auto VM Discovery?
5. Why are some VMs discovered with "Not monitored" state during vCenter discovery?
6. How can I monitor disk partitions in virtual devices?
7. Why are some VMs displayed as "Orphaned" in OpManager?
8. Can we monitor datastore-specific metrics?
9. What are the access privileges needed for VMware credentials while discovering a vCenter server?
10. Can we monitor the hardware of Hyper-V Host devices?
11. Why are the values in Hyper-V VM Memory Utilization monitors sometimes displayed wrongly?
12. What is the purpose of 'Auto VM Discovery' in Xen Server discovery?
13. What are the hardware components in UCS that can be monitored using OpManager?
14. Can I change the severity level for VMware Events?
15. How can I disable VMware Event-related alerts?
16. How can I automate actions like powering on/off VMs in my VMware environment?
17. How can I ensure proper values are assigned for "Device Type" in VMs during virtual server discovery?
18. What are the supported datatypes for Performance monitors in OpManager?
19. Can I configure different thresholds for multiple instances of Partition Details simultaneously?
20. What are the types of Custom WMI Counters that can be configured?
21. Can I disable the alerts for Application Monitors (like AD, MSSQL & Exchange)?
22. What are the privileges required to monitor a WMI-based device?
23. What are the NTLM Versions supported in URL Monitoring?
24. WWhat are the TLS Versions supported in URL Monitoring?
25. What is the purpose of URL Template?
26. What are the vendors supported for hardware monitoring in OpManager?
27. What are the languages supported for script templates in OpManager?
28. Can we pass arguments to the command line input in Script templates? If yes, how?
29. What should I do if 'Test script' option in Script Templates throws an error in raw output?
30. Can I monitor all/specific group of files in a particular folder?
31. Is it possible to monitor a folder present inside another folder (subfolders)?
32. What are the supported log formats for Log File Monitoring in OpManager?
33. Do I need to update OpManager server's IP Address manually to all agents if it changes?
34. Do I need to manually update the agent to the latest version every time?
35. Do I need to update the OpManager web server port to all agents manually?
36. What are the different types of agents present in OpManager?
37. Can we monitor custom Event logs apart from the default Windows Log Monitors?
38. What will be the severity of the alert raised for Process Monitors?
39. Can I monitor Processes with specific paths and arguments?
40. Can we monitor the currently running processes on a device?
41. Can we automate remedial action if any abnormality is found in a monitored process?
42. What is 95th Percentile Calculation?
43. What is VoIP Codec?
44. Can I add more additional fields?
45. How to add a new infrastructure to be monitored in OpManager?
46. What is BCP? (Only for Enterprise Edition/ Essential Edition with the NFA addon)
47. How can I edit a bulk of links, devices, and shortcuts?
48. How can I change the color of the unit?
49. What is SMI?
50. How to check whether the response of a URL contains a specific string in OpManager?
51. What is CLI?
52. Can I configure monitoring interval in bulk for all devices?
53. What are Custom Fields in OpManager?
54. How can I delete the custom fields?
55. What are the details of tables storing performance data in OpManager?
56. Device already exists in OpManager - why am I seeing this error?
57. What does the option 'category' under 'criteria' signify?
58. How to change the device type icons?
59. What is the difference between SNMP Traps and SNMP Monitors?
60.Why is the disk utilization by drives not showing for some devices?
61. How do I add custom icons for devices?
62. What is an FC Switch?
63. How does Script Monitoring work?
64. How frequently should I monitor devices?
65. How IPF / ASF license model works?
66. How to Monitor Website URLs in OpManager?
67. How to create IPSLA interface links?
68. How to use DBMaintenance?
69. What is the minimum monitoring interval configurable for script monitors?
70. How does OpManager monitor the devices?
71.What will happen if i move Router category to a custom category?
72.Is OpManager using 'Apache Struts' framework?
73.What are the prerequisites for monitoring WAN RTT?
74.Which IP SLA should be enabled – UDP jitter or RTP or both. What is the difference?
75.Why SNMP monitors are often not collecting data when using SNMP v3 credential?
76.What are the functionalities of OpManager with respect to storage monitoring?
77.What are the supported storage devices and protocols in OpManager?
78.What does the option 'sysDescr' under 'criteria' signify?
79.What is a Tape library?
80.What to do when TestScript shows error?
81.When configuring script monitors, what is the ideal 'Timeout' to be configured?
82.What are the URLs supported in OpManager?
83.How to configure VMware Datastore monitors?
84.How can I monitor VMware Events?
85.How does VoIP monitoring work in OpManager?
86.What are SNMP Traps and VarBinds?
87.My planned maintenance time is over, but why do I still see a device under maintenance?
88.Will the child device be monitored if the uplink dependent device is put under downtime?
89.I have put few devices into maintenance by mistake. What will happen if I stop the downtime scheduler in-between?
90.How to stop status polling of all devices in a category?
91.How to generate an Inventory Report of devices or interfaces using Custom Field values?
92.Can I add a new field to OpManager by adding it in the CSV file?
93.If i delete the custom field, will it affect the associated devices?
94.What is a Group?
95.What is a Subgroup?
96.Can a combination of devices and interfaces be placed in a Group?
97.Why am I not able to a create/edit a Group?
98.What is Availability Distribution in a Group?
99.How to create a Group based on custom fields?
100.How can group members be automatically added in Group during discovery?
101.What are the IP SLA Operations supported in OpManager?
102.Why is data collection suddenly stopped for an IP SLA Monitor?
103.Is my source device affected when configuring an IP SLA monitor in OpManager?
104.Why is OpManager not listing the devices under Router/Switches/Firewall while configuring an IP SLA Monitor ?
105.Add monitor failed. Why am I not able to alter the active monitor?
106.What are the common CLI used for IP SLA?
107.How is an IP SLA monitor managed by OpManager?
108.What are the different vendors/protocols supported for IPMI monitoring?
109.What is the "Choose OID" button in the Add Custom SNMP window used for?


1. How can I delete the in-built custom fields?
2. How do Vendor Templates differ from Device/Interface Templates?
3. I want only the Traffic details of the Interface, and not its Up / Down Status. What should I do?
4. How do I calculate the speed of the interface link in OpManager's business view?
5. How interface report data is calculated?
6. How to disable Interface status polling for individual / bulk interfaces?
7. When applying a device template to a device manually to classify into a category, the monitors from the template are not associated to the device. Why?
8. What is the output format of Script Templates?
9. What is SysOID criteria and additional SysOID?
10. When to create a device template?
11. When to create a device template?
12. When to create a device template?
13. What is RAID?
14. What is RAID?
15. Why are some interfaces unmanaged?
16. How do I set threshold for WAN interface terminating on my firewall?
17. What will happen if I move a device from Router category to a Custom category?
18. How do I set threshold for WAN interface terminating on my firewall?
19. What will happen if I move a device from Router category to a Custom category?
20. I wish to create a category which does not fall under any of the parent categories to be inherited. How should I create it?
21. Vendor Templates has a huge number of vendors, but they aren't displayed in the Device template page. Why?
22. What are the Prerequisites for Device Template sync operation from OpManager’s shared device template repository?


1. What is Alarm Escalation?
2. When should I use Alarm Escalation?
3. How to create a trap processor using vendor MIBs?
4. How can I check whether traps received in OpManager or not?
5. How to forward trap(s) from OpManager to other NMS servers?
6. How can I check whether traps received in OpManager or not?
7. Why am I not receiving any traps?
8. What happens when an SNMP trap processor is disabled?
9. My planned maintenance time is over, but why do I still see a device under maintenance?
10. Is it possible to place a device in multiple downtime schedule profiles?
11. Is it possible to update a downtime schedule profile while it is running?
12. What are Dynamic Variables?
13. Why should I suppress an alarm?
14. Can I suppress alarm for custom time period?
15. What is the default SNMP Trap port?
16. Where can I view traps in OpManager?
17. Why am I unable to view Trap Alarms in OpManager?
18. What are the alarm actions available?
19. Why is Syslog alarm not raised if consecutive time and number of occurrences is enabled?
20. Does OpManager archive the syslog messages after processing? If so, where do I see and search for the received Syslog messages?
21. Can I push events from my Cisco UCS device to OpManager as alerts?


1. What are the different types of SMS Notifications?
2. What are Global and Device specific notification profiles and how can they be configured?
3. After upgrade from 11600, why are there more notification profiles listed than actually created?
4. Why are notification emails getting delayed?
5. What is the difference between "Run System Command" and "Run Program" notification profiles?
6. How to change the receiver Email ID for all notification profiles?
7. Why is the Alert Notification SMS not received when 'Test SMS' is working?
8. What is Delayed and Recurring trigger in notification profiles?
9. What is the difference between Email based SMS and SMS?


1.What is Workflow?
2.What are workflow variables?
3.What are the types of triggers available in workflow?
4.Is there any workflow action available for add-on products?
5.What should I do when Ping task fails in a Linux machine and says "Device not Reachable"?
6.How can I automate the VM snapshot process of VMware using OpManager?


1. How to add multiple devices in the map?
2. How can I add devices into a rack?
3. How can I add racks to the floor?
4. How can I change the rotation type of the floor?
5. How can I create a rack?
6. How can I customize VM Maps?
7. How can I delete a rack from the floor?
8. All the devices connected to seed router are not fetched in the Map, how can I troubleshoot this?
9. Why am I getting an error message saying 'Device mapping does not exist for this map'?
10. How can I drill down to a rack from the 3D floor view?
11. How can I set up a path/Wall/Aisle?
12. How can I set the color of the tile of the floor?
13. How can I use Google Maps using JavaScript API?
14. Why am I seeing 'Internal Server Error' when discovering Layer 2 map?
15. Will the Layer2 maps work only for Cisco switches?
16. Why am I seeing the message "Device mapping does not exist for this map"?
17. How to set a background image in the map?
18. What is a rack?
19. How can I remove a device from a rack?
20. How can I resize the floor?
21. How can I resize units?
22. How to add shortcuts in Map?
23. Can I see the actual image of my UCS rack in Rack builder?
24. What is Google Maps API?
25. Why am I not able to configure Google Maps?
26. When changing the Google map view from road map to satellite view, the page becomes unresponsive. Why?
27. I have configured devices in google maps earlier. Will it be pushed to Zoho Maps automatically?
28. What is a discovery mechanism?
29. What are the MIBs/OIDs used to discover Layer2 map?
30. I have many devices connected to the seed router, but all the devices weren't fetched in the map. How do I troubleshoot this issue?
31. My seed router is down. How do I stop alerts generated from the devices connected to it?
32.Why am I not seeing the live status of the device in the layer2 map?

Business Views

1. How to check the link connectivity status and traffic in GUI?
2. Why the device icons in my BV are displayed in very smaller/negligible size?
3. How to change the business view element properties in bulk?
4. How to view the status of multiple site maps?
5. How to add links between devices/shortcuts?
6. Link arrows are not displayed for few interfaces in the Business View. Why?
7. Why am I not seeing Traffic Load Legend in a few Business view maps?
8. What is Interface Traffic Load Legend in Business view?
9. What is a business view and what is its purpose?
10. How can I create a business view?
11. How to add links between devices/shortcuts?
12. How to create NFA interface links?
13. How can I customize my devices/shortcuts?
14. How to delete a link/device/shortcut?
15. How to obtain a business view for layer 2 devices?
16. How can I change the line from straight to dotted or curved line?
17. How to provide user access only to the devices of a particular business view?
18. Why is the device relationship in Layer2 map not available for Business View when the 'Save as Business View' action is performed?


1. Why should I configure Business Hour Rules in OpManager?
2. Can I generate reports for custom business hours?
3. Can I schedule reports for custom business hours?
4. How to generate an inventory report to fetch all field values using custom fields?
5. What is Performance Monitor Data Archiving?
6. Where can I find the list of hosts/VMs available under a Nutanix, and similar Nutanix related reports?
7. What is Graph Display Settings?

Add-ons and Products Integration

1. How do I choose the version of ServiceDesk Plus On-Premise to be integrated with my OpManager installation?
2. How to integrate OpManager with SDP On-Premise using .pfx certificate?
3. How to integrate OpManager with ServiceDesk Plus On-Premise using 3rd party SSL Certificate?
4. How do I convert my comments to tickets on ServiceDesk Plus On-Premise?
5. Can I send alerts to private channels on Slack via the OpManager-Slack Integration?
6. Why are some of the channels from my Slack workspace not being displayed in the Workflow/Notification Profile drop-down lists?
7. Why are some of my private channels not being displayed in OpManager?
8. I have enabled a proxy server in my network, how can I configure the OpManager-Slack integration?
9. How to solve SDP v1 to v3 Upgrade alert that is shown in OpManager even after upgrading SDP to latest version?
10. Which version of ServiceDeskPlus MSP version is compatible with OpManager?


1. Why is intermediate/root certificate required when I import the certificate?
2. Why is the URL 'Not trusted', even after importing valid certificate?
3. Is a self-signed certificate safe to use?
4. How to change the self-signed certificate after server migration?
5. What are Product Files ? What should I do when they are listed under tampered product files?
6. What are external files ? What should I do when external files are reported in scanning ?
7. What is whitelisting?
8. What is Blacklisting ?
9. What is exclude from scanning?
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