How to troubleshoot WAN latency issues?

On the default dashboard, Click on 'Network' to view the 'WAN RTT Overview' Dashboard.

  • Go to the WAN RTT Monitors dashboard to see the Least Performing Paths, Least Available Paths and Hop-Hop View. 
  • To know the availability, round trip time History (latency), SLA violation trend, and path hop round trip time trends for any monitor, click on all monitors tab and click on path link for the monitor for which you want to see the details. You will see the detailed statistics of that monitor for the last 12 hours.
  • To see the detailed reports of all the monitors, go to Reports -- WAN RTT Monitors. Here you will find top latency reports, top availability reports, SLA violation reports with export and schedule options.
  • You can create Custom Dashboards and add SLA and WAN RTT widgets.
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