URL Downtime Schedules 

Network maintenance is mandatory to keep the network up and running. Since the entire network cannot be shut down for maintenance, the various hardware and software associated with it are turned down for maintenance at different time frames. These devices will be removed from the network during maintenance and because of this, you will see a number of alarms being triggered as these devices are unavailable when polled for status. To prevent the alarms being triggered unnecessarily, you can schedule a maintenance task.

How to create a URL downtime schedule:

  • Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Device Downtime Schedules
  • Click on Add Schedule
  • Provide a Name and Description for the URL downtime schedule.
  • Under Downtime frequency, select at what interval / frequency the downtime schedule should run.
  • Choose Select URL Monitors under Filter By section and select the URL(s) that you wish to add under the maintenance schedule.
  • Click on Save

To disable the URL downtime schedule, Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Device Downtime Schedules and select Disable as the status for the corresponding downtime schedule.


Points to remember:

  • You cannot disable a device downtime schedule which is currently in running state
  • If an URL is added under multiple device downtime schedules, chances are that one of the device downtime schedules under which the URL is specified may still be in running state. Hence, the specific device will continue to remain in downtime.
  • On Maintenance devices are also considered in the OpManager license count.


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