Business snapshot based reports

OpManager provides in-built reports over a group of devices and/or other network infrastructure that work together for a common business servicing group. For example, consider a critical business service such as your organization's CRM system. Such a system could have an application server, a web server and a database server, each having a replica back-up for fail-over purposes. Once you have configured a 'business view', e.g. named "CRM System" to include all the servers in the group, OpManager provides ready-made, combined reports on the associated servers. A quick report on the week's server disk utilization easily enables the administrator to optimally allocate disk memory within the CRM service group.

CRM service group report showing disk utilization for each server

The reports on business views are helpful especially when analyzing infrastructure needs of a business service/group. Consider a plan to upgrade the link that connects your Branch Office to Headquarters with periphery devices connecting the two business locations being two routers and a firewall in between. Some of important reports required for decision making would be:

  • Trends on the interface utilization on connecting routers over the past 6 months
  • Monthly interface incoming and outgoing traffic statistics
  • application-wise/user-wise split of the bandwidth being consumed over the link

All the above reports come as inbuilt reports, immediately created without you having to visualize and group concerned routers.

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