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Learn more about OpManager's features & functions Network topology, or network architecture, refers to the layout or organization of a network. Mapping and understanding the network topography is a critical part of network administration, monitoring, and management. It can help network administrators in the following ways:
  • Understand network organization: Mapping network topology enables network administrators to understand the bigger picture by providing a visual perspective of how the overall network infrastructure is organized. 
  • Gain in-depth visibility: Network management is all about being able to detect and eliminate network faults proactively. Network topology mapper helps network administrators gain in-depth visibility into their network, enabling them to categorize, classify, monitor, and manage their network infrastructure much more efficiently.

The network diagramming tool offered by OpManager helps large and enterprise level businesses simplify their network management process by visualizing the network in real time with the help of powerful network diagram tools.

OpManager: Feature-packed, easy-to-use network topology software

ManageEngine OpManager is robust, real-time network topology tool with topography mapping capabilities trusted by more than one million network administrators across the globe. Its most prominent network topology features include:

  • Layer2 Maps
  • Virtual topology maps
  • Business views

Visualize the Layer2 topology architecture with Layer2 Maps

Network Topography Diagram - ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager leverages Layer2 Maps to act as a network topology mapping software that helps you to understand the topology organization of your Layer 2 networks by providing a real-time perspective of their interconnectivity. Layer2 Maps' powerful capabilities include the following:
  • Multiple Layer 2 perspectives for better visualization: OpManager's network visualization capabilities allows you to visualize your Layer 2 architecture in three modes: radial tree, node link, and balloon tree. This multi-perspective capability aims to provide network admins with a better understanding of the intra-device connectivity between their Layer 2 devices.
  • Import devices directly into OpManagerWith Layer2 Maps, you can import critical Layer2 devices directly from the map into OpManager for further monitoring and management.
  • Export Layer2 Maps to Microsoft Visio or convert to Business Views: Network admins can further leverage the perspective provided by Layer2 Maps by either exporting the maps to Visio or converting them to a Business View

Network diagrams for HyperV, VMware & Xen devices

Network Topology Diagram Software - ManageEngine OpManager

As a network topology diagram software, OpManager's network topology capabilities aren't just limited to physical topology mapping—they can also provide a visual map of the organization of your virtual infrastructure including VMware, hypervisors, Xen and Nutanix devices. OpManager's network diagram software also allows network administrators to selectively view host to VM, host to network, host to datastore, VM to network, and VM to datastore connections.

Gain business-oriented topology visualization with Business Views

Network Topology Diagram Tool - ManageEngine OpManager

OpManager's Business Views is a powerful topology visualization feature that enables network administrators to easily categorize, visualize, and manage devices based on business needs; understand the larger impact whenever devices run into downtime; and isolate, prioritize, and troubleshoot faults based on business criticality of the devices affected.With Business Views, network administrators can view the real-time status of a device and its interfaces that are connected to the other devices, and also set custom backgrounds for different views. 

An additional capability enables network admins to place Business views within Business Views. With this advanced feature, they can gain a more detailed view of the network topography, and understand why a network device in a custom topography runs into issues.

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Why is mapping network topology important ?

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