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Gain mobility over IT management with OpManager iPad App

Today's cloud-driven IT needs 24x7 monitoring and instant troubleshooting. With the iPad App for OpManager, you can stay connected with your IT 24x7 and troubleshoot performance hiccups on the move.

Major highlights of OpManager iPad App:

  • Customizable dashboards and widgets
  • View the availability and performance your IT
  • Get to know the recent alarms raised
  • Troubleshoot faults with various troubleshooting tools such as ping, trace route, and IT workflow automation
  • Support for AD login
  • QR code scanner
  • Demo login
  • Localized for Chinese and Japanese language


  • The custom dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of categories that OpManager monitors for you. The status of individual devices/categories floats on the top, so that you can know the health of your entire stack in a quick glance.
    custom dashboard at a glance view
  • You can add/ remove any number of individual devices/ categories on the custom dashboard.
    custom dashboard add new categorydevice
  • You can favorite some of the business critical widgets/devices for easy and quick access. The favorite widgets are showed up under the favorites tab.
    Favorite Widgets
  • Each individual category page offers information on number of down devices, alarms, and list of devices with high system resource utilization.
    individual category page
  • Device snapshot page displays details of the device health and the resources associated with it. It offers critical parameters like device availability graph, system resource usage trends, percentage of packet loss, response time, etc.
    device snapshot page
  • The app shows the lists of all alarms that are raised in OpManager. It also offers historical report on the alarms generated on particular severity over a specific time frame.
    alarms view
  • Clicking on the individual alarm message displays the alarm details and event history.
    alarm details
  • The premium version of OpManager iPad app lets you to perform actions such as acknowledge alarms, add notes, clear and delete alarms.
    perform actions on alarms
  • The premium version also includes various troubleshooting options such as ping, trace route, and IT workflow automation that helps you to perform the first and second level troubleshooting at ease.
    troubleshooting tools
  • QR code scanner helps you to easily identify the devices present on the floor and access the performance data instantly.
    QR Code Scanner

OpManager iPad App Editions:

Features Standard Premium
View the performance of all the devices in your IT
View the list of alarms raised, and sort them by severity
Create custom dashboards and widgets based on your business needs
Built-in QR Code Scanner
Acknowledge, add notes, clear and delete an alarm
Access to troubleshooting tools
  • Ping Tool
  • Trace Route
  • IT Workflow Automation

Using the iPad app:

After successfully installing the app

  • Provide the name of the server & port where OpManager is running.
  • Choose between HTTP/HTTPS mode in which OpManager runs.
  • Click on Login button.
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