VMware ESXi monitoring tools

With the innovation of virtual server infrastructure, businesses are looking to adopt more virtual devices into their network - thanks to the freedom these devices provide with respect to monitoring, maintenance, and scalability. Virtual Machines (VMs) pave way to a more flexible, robust, and adaptable network infrastructure that can help businesses expand in ways previously unheard of.

With VMware dominating the virtual machine and virtual server industry, most businesses looking for virtual infrastructure choose VMware as their go-to vendor. If your business is churning network on a day-to-day basis, you will need a vSphere Monitoring or VMware ESXi monitoring software. From simple implementations that include just a host and a few VMs to entire virtual networks that connect locations several thousand miles away, VMware solutions offer a great deal of scalability and reliability for your networks.

With the implementation of any network resources, there arises a need to also monitor and manage them, and VMware resources are no exception. ManageEngine OpManager OpManager serves as a highly efficient VMware ESXi monitoring tool to your network, and enables you to proactively manage and monitor VMware ESXi hosts in real time. This comprehensive ESX monitoring software enables you to,

Monitor your VMware ESXi hosts in real time

To begin with, OpManager's ESX SNMP monitoring offers easy discovery of your ESXi hosts and the VMs under them from a discovery module, with which you can add them all into OpManager in a single click. Once you're done with the discovery, you can start monitoring ESXi hosts right away. Critical ESXi host metrics and statistics of your VMware are monitored in real time, and you can learn the status of your virtual servers and VMs right away. By default, OpManager uses VMware API to fetch and display data on important performance metrics from your VMware ESXi hosts enabling you to perform real time VMware ESXi Performance Monitoring.

VMware ESXi Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine OpManager

During discovery, a predefined set of monitors are associated to your VMware resources and can be viewed from the Monitors tab of your ESXi host's Device Snapshot page. The data is fetched from the VMware ESXi monitor at a user-defined interval, and you can also see the timestamp of the latest version of polled data to more accurately see how recent the data has been collected.

Monitor VMware ESXi - ManageEngine OpManager


Perform in-depth monitoring for your performance metrics

Even though VMware API can fetch a considerable number of critical metrics on ESXi host and VM performance, you may want to monitor your VMs more intensively on device-specific metrics. OpManager's ESXi monitoring tools allow you to monitor your VMs based on other protocols, such as the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and command-line interface (CLI) so you can also fetch device-specific performance metrics of your VMware VMs. This enables you to monitor more server-related metrics using VMware ESXi SNMP Monitoring.

VMware ESXi SNMP Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager


Monitor the hardware metrics of your ESXi server

OpManager also enables you to monitor ESXi host related hardware metrics in real time, so you can effectively identify and resolve hardware-related performance issues in your VMware devices. A dedicated tab for hardware monitoring is displayed in the Device Snapshot page of your ESXi host, where you can find all hardware metrics and their current status. Hardware metrics down to sensor info like temperature, CPU used, and memory used can be monitored from here, allowing you to monitor VMware ESXi performance holistically.

VMware ESXi Hardware Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager


Configure performance thresholds to get notified of the issues

Being an efficient VMware ESXi monitoring software, OpManager allows you to set thresholds for the performance metrics which are monitored in your VMware ESXi hosts. This way, when the performance of your ESXi server deteriorates, you'll be instantly notified through OpManager web alarms in the user interface, and you can perform corrective measures to ensure your ESXi server is back on track.

You can set thresholds to raise alerts based on three priorities: Attention, Trouble, and Critical. Moreover, OpManager provides an additional Rearm threshold so you can clearly define when you want a particular threshold alarm to be reset.

Configure ESXi Host - ManageEngine OpManager


Automatically resolve the common VMware issues using Workflows

OpManager as an ESXi monitoring tool tries reducing human intervention in resolving VMWare ESXi performance issues by using Workflows. With this feature, you can set actions to be performed in your ESXi hosts when select triggers are recorded in the network. The trigger can be anything from an alarm to a process not responding, and an array of actions can be performed on the VMware resources, including powering on/off VMs and suspending VMs.

Monitor VMware ESXi Workflow - ManageEngine OpManager


Monitor your ESXi performance in a glimpse

With the dedicated dashboard for VMware monitoring in OpManager, monitoring your ESXi hosts and VMs has never been easier. At a quick glance, you can see which virtual resources are underperforming, and employ corrective actions to improve network performance levels as swiftly as possible. There's also a dedicated VM sprawl dashboard to identify and avoid sprawl in your virtual resources so your network always maintains peak performance levels.

VMware ESXi Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine OpManager


Also, with CCTV views, you can enable the network administrators in your organization to monitor the health and performance of your ESXi servers in real time. By updating the metrics at a user-defined interval, OpManager makes sure that you only see the latest data of your critical performance metrics, keeping you up-to-date on your network's performance.

Get notified instantly on ESXi performance

With OpManager, you can get notified instantly when something is amiss in your network by using customizable Notification Profiles. Once you configure the mode of notification and the ESXi hosts you wish to monitor, OpManager arms the Notification Profile for your virtual servers. If the set conditions or thresholds are triggered, you get instantly notified over the medium of your choice, helping you stay constantly informed about performance issues in your network.

OpManager offers several media for notifications, including text or email, or you can configure other actions like creating a ticket on an IT service portal or triggering alarms in other applications.

VMware ESXi Host Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager


This is just an overview of what you can do with OpManager's VMware ESXi monitoring software. To learn how our integrated monitoring solution can help you perform VMware ESXi host monitoring in the most efficient ways, register right away for a free, personalized demo!

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