Adaptive Management Software

OpManager offers lot of features and customization to enable adaptive management. This includes adding new device or service types into the system, creating custom map views by grouping devices, support for custom SNMP traps, custom actions and graphs etc. to be adaptive to the end user needs.

OpManager enables adaptive, multi-vendor management by making it simple to integrate new devices that you may purchase at a later date using open standards such as SNMP. This way the investment that you make today can continue to provide you continuous returns even if you add several new devices to your network.

OpManager supports the following features towards enabling adaptive management:

  • Add new device types: New or custom device types can be added, and recognized separately to allow managing of other vendor-specific devices in the network.
  • Custom Maps: Maps can be created to group devices in different ways according to geographic location, department, etc. thus enabling easier network management.
  • Adding custom services: New or custom services can be added to allow monitoring exclusive services on the network.
  • Custom SNMP Trap support: Process traps from any vendor-specific MIBs to allow receiving other SNMP traps previously not supported by OpManager.
  • Custom actions: Execute custom scripts or tools automatically when an alarm is generated to leverage existing in-house scripts and build auto-healing networks and applications.
  • Custom graphs: Ability to graph any SNMP parameter from vendor-specific MIBs to enable vendor-independent performance management.

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